About Us

We are Old North Co.

Why Old North Co? First, it’s a nod to our Canadian heritage but more importantly, our name comes from our roots in London, ON. It’s our home—where our family and many of our friends live. 
It’s the place that keeps us grounded.
As much as we love exploring in nature, it’s always nice to come home.  Our clothing and accessories are inspired by all of that. When you think of Old North Co., picture sitting around the fire with friends, reading on a dock while the sun goes down, wandering on an endless trail. That’s our vibe.
Founded by sisters Mallory and McKenzie Kemp, Old North Co. is a bold, yet humble approach to casual clothing. We’re passionate about exploring the outdoors and are inspired by nature. We love our family and we’re fuelled by community—so much so that we’re committed to re-investing a portion of our profits to building community partners.  
Just know that when you support Old North Co, you’re also supporting others. Why? Because we’re all connected somehow. And that’s the power of community.
Welcome home to Old North.